Commissions are currently OPEN!

Hello there!

If you’re interested in commissioning me to make cute and awesome art for you, please fill out the Commission Request form below. I will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

Please make sure to read the Commission Terms of Service before you send me a request.

Helpful links: Commission Info Things you can include in your commission description:

  • intended use – specific occasion, personal use, gift, commercial use
  • character(s) details – clothing, height, personality, pose, references
  • background details – time of day, specific patterns, specific message(s), references
  • color scheme
  • art style – flat colors, round brush, gouache brush
Please read the Terms of Service in its entirety! If you have a problem with any of these statements, they may possibly be changed if discussed with me prior to paying for your commissioned piece. Keep in mind this page is for PERSONAL commissions. If you are interested in commissioning me for COMMERCIAL use, please see the Commissions Terms of Service – Commercial Use page.

All drawings will include a subtle signature that you may not remove.

I might record the drawing process and post it on my YouTube channel or IGTV.

Prices are subject to change based on demand.

I have the right to reject any order that I do not feel comfortable drawing for any reason.

Sketch and/or final sketches that you must accept before I continue the work

Full-resolution file (approx. 2000 x 2000 px at 400 DPI) of final drawing. I will supply you with both JPG and PNG files. If you wish, I can also send you a smaller image file for web uploads (you must specifically request this)

My gratitude!

I only accept USD and can be paid through PayPal or through my Ko-Fi page.
If you use PayPal, if you do not add me as under “Family and Friends”, PayPal will deduct part of the payment for the transaction fee. As a result, you will have to pay more than the agreed commission price to make up for that fee.

I do not start on commissions until the FULL price is paid up front, unless the commission work is worth $50 or over.
If the commission price quoted is $50 or higher, I will require at least half payment to be made before I start the commission. The final files will not be delivered to you until you have paid the rest!

DON’T send me any payment before I have agreed to give you a slot and requested you to send me the payment. I will send you an invoice which will indicate the time you will need to pay.

I will notify you when I have started on your commission and you, therefore, lose the rights to a refund (see #7 further below for more info on refunds)

Each commission (unless it’s a complex piece) work includes 1 chance for revision prior to the final copy so PLEASE be specific with what you want! Each revision after that will cost you extra. I will make clear the amount of free revisions you get when I agree to work on your commission.

During the review / revision, you will see work-in-progress and these images will usually include a watermark.

IF APPLICABLE to your commission, I will be in touch with you to get approval of the sketches during these stages:
Rough draft sketches to establish an idea of pose and / or layout of background
Initial stages of coloring to make sure colors are correct and no changes are needed before I lay out final details

The time it takes to finish your commission can vary from 2 days – 1 week depending on factors such as the complexity of the commissioned piece, the time it takes to go back and forth with revisions, and other work. There is a possibility, although rare, when I will have to pause your commission due to health issues or other emergencies. When / if this happens, I will let you know ASAP.

Additionally, I will try to give you an estimate of the remaining time it will take to finish it.
Should there be any reason I cannot finish a piece, I will offer you the work that I have done for the price it would amount to with a refund for the remainder of the cost of work not completed.
Currently, I am not accepting RUSH JOBS. If you’re thinking of commissioning me for a certain occasion or Holiday, please request a quote from me at least 2 weeks in advance. This will allow me to answer your questions and discuss details in a timely manner.

If anything comes up that will slow the progress of the initially estimated delivery time I will let you know ASAP.

Once the piece is finished you will receive the full-resolution image. Note that there is no physical product. I will be opening physical art commissions one day. 🙂

A fee will be added if you want something changed on the final drawing – unless, of course, a misunderstanding from my side has been made. Therefore, please be very specific as to what revisions you want done.

If you wish for me to change something in the drawing you have previously approved, I will charge you an extra fee to change it. The amount of the extra charge depends on the change you want me to make and is usually based on an hourly wage.

If your reference is unclear to start with, any changes (after the first free one) will come at an additional charge.

I, Geraldine Lua (the artist) from Geraldine Draws LLC, claim the rights to the produced drawing, not the buyer. Therefore I am allowed to use the copyrighted artwork to:
Promote myself with it anywhere
Publish books with it (artbooks, etc.)
Display it everywhere to my liking (website, social media, etc.)
Post it wherever I want

The buyer is allowed to:
Use the commissioned piece for personal use unless agreed otherwise (you can upload it on all your social media profiles, forums, etc.)
Print the artwork and claim the character(s) as their own, but not the artwork itself.
Use the artwork to promote themselves. Crediting me as the artist is very appreciated as it helps me gain exposure!
Use the artwork on their YouTube channel and in monetized videos as long as the artwork itself is not the main subject for the earnings.

The following is considered copyright infringement:
Reproducing/using the copyrighted artwork commercially – means making money off it in any way. Please see the Commissions Terms of Service – Commercial Use page if you want something done commercially and own the rights to the artwork.
Claiming the artwork as your own
Removing my signature from the artwork
Altering the artwork without my consent

I reserve the full rights to the image and its use/distribution unless otherwise agreed upon (rights to the image for your own non-personal use may be purchased at any time).

I will do everything I can to make my customers happy!

If you have a problem with anything in regards to the commissioned piece please tell me right away so we can find a solution together.

I am willing to change some of my terms for you if you ask before I start on your commission. For example, if you do not want me to post your art anywhere, we can discuss this.

The buyer is not allowed a refund once I start working on the commission.

If for any reason I am unable to start your commission you will receive a full refund.

If you cancel your order before I start it, you can get a full refund.

If you are getting a refund, do not request a PayPal charge-back. I will transfer the money back to you myself.
If you request a PayPal charge-back at any point when you were not allowed to ask for a refund you will lose all before-mentioned rights to the commissioned piece and I will have the full right to profit further from it in any way. I will decline the charge-back and supply PayPal with our conversations in which we talk about the commission as evidence that I have completed work for you. Furthermore, you will be blacklisted for commissioning me again.

​If the buyer breaks any of the points stated above they will lose all the before-mentioned rights to the artwork commissioned by me, Geraldine Lua (the artist), and I will have the right to profit further from the commissioned artwork in any way I see fit. If you have a problem with any of these statements, they may be changed if discussed with me prior to paying your commissioned piece.

Send me a request or inquiry for a commission using this commission request page.

After I receive your inquiry, I will reply back to you via e-mail about your request and discuss any exceptions to the Terms of Service.

If I agree to your commission, we will talk about the price of your work and how you will pay. I will then request for references. Once I have the reference(s), I will send you a contract that you must sign and e-mail back to me before I start your commission, as well as the invoice for payment.

Once I receive the full or half payment, I will book you into my commissions list and give you a date for the start of your commission. Please keep in mind there may be a waiting list.