As you all may know, enamel pins are handmade – therefore, they will rarely be free of imperfection(s). Even the best of the bunch will have teeny, tiny imperfections if you inspect it really close and with a magnifying glass!

Enamel pin grading is also a subjective thing and can vary from artist to artist, so please refer to this page when looking through the shop so you know what to expect!

Here at Geraldine Draws, pins are offered at “Standard” or “Seconds” grade. The description of “Standard” and “Seconds” pins generally only apply to the front of the pin, not the back. Enamel pin grading can be quite tedious and so please understand that while I do my best to separate the best of the bunch and group them accordingly, mistakes can be made. If you notice issues with your standard grade pin, please feel free to contact me with photos and a description of the problem and I’ll be happy to help!

Standard Grade

The highest quality pins Geraldine Draws offers. Standard pins are free of major imperfections, however can display minor flaws that are usually only visible upon very close-up inspection and/or from looking at the pin under certain lighting or angle.

  • Light scuffing, scratches, buff marks
  • Small bubbles, dents, specks of color and/or dots in enamel
  • Slightly underfilled / overfilled enamel in small areas
  • Minor discoloration
  • Imperfections (Marks or minor oxidation) on the back or side of the pin
  • Slight excess metal in or on the exterior lining of the pin
  • Slight gritty texture on the metal plating
  • Slight uneven enamel paint mixing (powdery look)
  • Slightly wiggly posts
  • Somewhat bent posts (but still can be punctured through whatever material)
  • Glitter Pins – Small specks of stray glitter, slightly darker specks of glitter
  • Screenprinted Pins – Slightly misaligned screenprinted details

Seconds Grade

Seconds pins have more noticeable flaws that vary with each pin. These are sold at a discounted price! Seconds pins still are great for everyday wear and/or use and still make a great addition to a collection!

  • Excessive or large scuffs, scratches, bubbles, specks/dots, dents on metal or enamel paint
  • Noticeable large paint spots, stains on metal or enamel paint
  • Excessive uneven enamel paint mixing (some powder is evident within the enamel from uneven mixing)
  • Very low fill areas
  • Small area of missing or chipped enamel
  • Messy or overlapping fill areas
  • Excessive oxidation of the metal
  • Wrongly filled enamel colors
  • Screenprinted Pins – More noticeably misaligned or missing screenprinted details